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Intention to murder, injure civilians: Nagaland Police FIR against Army unit

A suo motu FIR filed on Sunday said that the ‘intention of the security forces was to ‘murder and injure civilians’ by the officer-in-charge of the Tizit Police in Mon district. On Saturday evening 6 civilians were killed in an ambuscade at Mon district, Nagaland.

The incident led to violence in the area on Saturday night was 8 more civilians were killed when the security forces opened fire. A soldier died because of his injuries during the violence.


The security forces officials later confirmed that the ambush was an independent operation led by 21 Para Special Forces, Assam Rifles were aware of this operation.

According to the FIR filed by Ubj Posehu Kezo, Coal miners were returning from Oting village to their homes in a Bolero pickup truck when in-between Tiru and Oting village – security forces just open fire on the vehicle without any warning that lead to the killing of the 6 civilians and injuring many.


The FIR also added that when the incident happened, there was no police guide and neither the security forces followed any police guide for their operation. Hence, the complainant added that this ambush was intentional.

On the other hand, the Court of Inquiry stated that they will investigate the killing of the 6 civilians on Saturday evening. The investigation will be headed by a Major General rank officer. 2 senior state officials, Nagaland Commissioner and Director General of police have prepared reports about the killing of civilians on December 4 and the violence at Assam Rifles base on December 5.


The Saturday night’s incident was reported by two senior officials around 4.10 pm. According to the initial reports, 6 civilians were killed on the spot while 2 of them were critically injured. On hearing the gunshots, the villagers went to look and realized the coal miners never returned home. The reports of the villagers said that they found a pickup truck and security force personnel trying to hide their dead bodies and loading them in the truck.

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