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Delhi schools to be reopened by tommorow; decision pending says pollution panel

Ahead of a hearing on Wednesday, the Supreme Court told the central air quality commission that the decision to lift restrictions put on construction units and the reopening of schools in Delhi would be taken today or on Friday. These decisions would be taken on the basis of relaxation, which has already been made for the industrial units.

Last week it was noted by the court that there was an improvement in the air quality of the national capital, and based on this, the pollution panel was directed by the court to make a decision on relaxation of restrictions put on by the court on sources of pollution comprising constructions, industries, and factories in Delhi.


The consideration of requests made by several industry owners and other affected parties was left on the centre’s Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) by the court. The Commission for Air Quality would consider any personal hearing and take the input of industry owners.

On Wednesday, while informing the court, the panel wrote that steps had already been taken, and the panel assured that it would look at the aftermath of these decisions. Based on the impact of these decisions, the panel would take a call on the reopening of schools.


The panel told the court that around six thermal power plants had been allowed to resume their operation, which was shut down before. This decision was taken due to the surge in power demand by extreme winter conditions.

It was also advised that all these thermal power plants would work at the bare minimum requirements.


The CNG/Electric trucks carrying essential commodities are allowed to enter the national capital, while the entry of other trucks would not be permitted.

From the dairy and milk processing units along with industries and processes related to drugs, medicines, and life-saving medical equipment, the restrictions of operational eight-hour timing would be lifted by the commission. These units and industries would be allowed to work round the clock.


The commission told the court that constantly, the flying squads’ to ensure the implementation of anti-pollution norms has been monitoring the whole situation.

The commission also added that so far, around 40 sites have been issued closure notices by the enforcement task for non-compliance.