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Tips to Help You Maintain Your Respiratory Health During Winters

Chilly and foggy mornings are here, some of you might love this season but a lot of you might be suffering from common respiratory issues. Respiratory illnesses can happen any time of the year but it is more prevalent in winters. Why so?

Fog with high pollution levels – smog irritates your air passage.


Disease transmission is high during winters due to poor ventilation inside homes.

People who have pre-existing conditions like Asthma or COPD can see their condition worsen. In winters, the frequency of Asthma attacks also increases because the chilly weather makes asthma patients more vulnerable to infections. They tend to spend more time staying at home where allergens like pet hairs, dust and moulds are far.


Some common diseases that occur in winters are:

  • The common cold is a very common disease for winters and it is very contagious too.
  • Influenza is commonly known as the flu that is more severe than a common cold.
  • Bronchitis is when the tubes that carry air to your lungs get swollen and you can’t stop coughing.
  • Pneumonia can be dangerous if it is accelerated, it causes an infection in the air sacs that fills it with fluid or pus.
  • Acute Sinusitis causes spaces inside your nose and it is then swollen. This disrupts the drainage and causes mucus to build up. This leads to a blocked nose and headaches.

How to maintain your respiratory health?

  • You can regulate your body temperature by wearing comfortable warm clothes.
  • Keep your hands clean and sanitize them regularly that we are anyways following for COVID 19, avoid touching your face with dirty hands.
  • If you live in an area where the pollution levels are high, then you must ignore morning walks and instead exercise at home.
  • Do some breathing exercises to improve your lung capacity.
  • Keep yourself away from dust, mould and allergens by keeping your home clean.
  • Have good ventilation in your room and your home; you can use an air purifier or humidifier.
  • If you catch a cold, take some steam and stay hydrated.
  • A balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, Citrus fruits, turmeric and ginger helps you enhance your immune system.
  • Avoid junk and canned food that has a lot of preservatives, additives and artificial flavours.

So these are some of the ways you can prevent respiratory illnesses easily.

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