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White House forced to release a tranche of John F Kennedy assassination documents

John F. Kennedy, the former US President who was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963, was an incident that had shocked the world during that period. The assassination of the former president is a case that still reeks of conspiracy theories even though the official conclusion of the government at that time was that this horrible deed was done by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Around four years ago, the then- President Donald Trump was legally bound by 1992 law which stated that all government records on the assassination of former president J F Kenndey to be disclosed to enable the public to become fully aware of the then case scenario.


Following the law, Trump had declassified around 53,000 documents in seven portions, which made the entire assassination archives which were available to the public to a total of 88 per cent, according to National Archive officials. Still, Trump had left thousands of documents of the assassination under wraps giving National Security the reason behind it.

President Joe Biden, on taking office, had promised to honour the law verdict, but again even his government were questioned in October when the Britain administration postponed the release of the assassination documents.


President Biden gave the reason for the delay as protection of any harm to military defence intelligence operations, the conduct of foreign relations and law enforcement.

White House is now under pressure from the opposition and general public to give a complete review of the remaining documents, which are yet to be declassified and produced for general information before the end of 2022.


The original released documents had shown the chasing down of myriad leads from African communist groups, the Italian Mafia, and Soviet Intelligence.

The documents also referred to the efforts of the then US government of J F Keneddy to influence and spy upon the government of Fidel Castro in Cuba, where it was claimed that the assassin Oswald had contacts.


Initially, 4091 files possessing lengthy reports had been posted on the JFK assassination records on the National Archives Page among the thousands of listings relating to the investigation and assassination of John F Kennedy.

Many people believed the assassin Oswald to be a communist sympathizer and were given the contract by either the communist government of Fidel Castro or the Soviet Union, possibly with the support of US Intelligence or the FBI.


Philip Shenon, who is an expert on the Kennedy Assassination files had published an article by politico on Wednesday stating that probably a lot of documents will not be released for National Security reasons; however, if the government continues to hide the papers, it will only promote the idea to the general public that the conspiracy about Kennedy’s death has some truth in them. Shenon also added that around 15,000 remain classified by the US government agencies CIA and FBI.

On Wednesday, the present US government has released thousands of secret pages documented as reports of John F Kennedy’s assassination.