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I-T Department Raids Chinese Mobile Firms; Xiaomi, OPPO Say Cooperating With Indian Authorities

The IT Department of India conducted raids and searches at numerous premises of Chinese mobile companies across the country. On Wednesday, leading smartphone brands Xiaomi and Oppo said that they are cooperating with the authorities following all the laws, the IANS news agency stated.

According to the sources, the smartphone companies were allegedly violating rules and norms to evade taxes and were in the limelight of numerous probe agencies, including the IT Department.


According to IANS reports, a Xiaomi spokesperson said that as a responsible company they aim to comply with all Indian laws and are fully cooperating with the authorities to ensure that the IT department has all the information. On the other hand, OPPO said that they respect the laws of the country and are abiding by the laws as per the procedure.

Previously there were reports that some Chinese firms were running mobile loan applications and transport businesses, these firms were raided by government agencies. Now, a few more such firms have come into the limelight.


IT-raids on Chinese mobile-making companies: All you need to know

  • According to the sources, numerous teams from the IT Department started their search around 9 AM on Wednesday and had continued it for the whole day.
  • For Xiaomi, routine IT procedure was carried on, there was no IT raid at the premises or the distributor’s location, IANS reports stated.
  • According to an official, the manufacturing units were being raided by some corporate houses. The source said that officials had recovered incriminating evidence.
  • The IT Department started their raid at the offices of state distribution partners of OPPO in Hyderabad, the source added.
  • ZTE is a Chinese firm that has been under the radar of the IT Department for quite a while now. They are involved in telecom equipment manufacturing. The firm was raided in August this year and the official said that they found some loopholes at the company’s end.

OPPO and Xiaomi have made quite a massive market for themselves in India by offering affordable phones to consumers with fantastic features.


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