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New Year Flights Discount: IndiGo, SpiceJet offer BIG Discounts on Bookings! Check Fares And More

Are you planning to travel in New Year’s across the country? Here is some good news for you. IndiGO recently announced big discounts on domestic flights on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. The prices are as low as Rs 1,122! Isn’t that a huge discount? The airline also announced that the fares will be applicable with no change fee.

Important Dates


Today is the last date of the sale; it started on the 27th of December. Customers can book tickets for 3 months starting from 15 Jan to 15 April.

SpiceJet discounts


Along with IndiGo, SpiceJet has also announced huge discounts for its passengers. Their sale also ends today for booking flights between 15 Jan to 15 April. SpiceJet is offering a date change for one time on the sale, in case the passengers want to change their travel date. You can also avail of an add-on offer with the code ‘ADDON25’ on SpiceJet flights where customers can get a 25% extra discount on sale bookings with preferred seats. These facilities will be ensured if passengers book flights directly from spicejet.com.

COVID 19 and Air Travel


Since the COVID 19 pandemic began, airlines have been facing huge losses. Recently, with very little passenger strength they delayed flights, merged flights changing their timings drastically and now there are many connecting flights instead of direct flights. The pandemic led airlines to shut operations and leave those aeroplanes abandoned for most of 2021. As the airlines were finding their foot on the ground again, the Omicron variant hit them back pretty hard. Now, only time will tell when these airlines will get to make huge profits by not exploiting their customers with excessively high prices. International flights from India are still not allowed for all countries. Flights have been operating internationally for about 32 countries now.

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