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7 Omicron Symptoms in Fully Vaccinated People That You Should Watch Out For

The Omicron scare has led to a lot of states imposing lockdown like guidelines. The cases are rising but how to differentiate this variant among others? Are the symptoms any different than other COVID 19 variants?

Today we will take a look at some of the Omicron symptoms that were seen even in fully vaccinated individuals.

  • Cough

According to various reports, cough is the most common symptom of the COVID 19 Omicron variant. People suffering from cough have tested COVID positive in the recent past.

  • Running nose

Running nose is a common symptom of flu. A UK study says that if you have cold-like symptoms like running nose, headaches, tiredness, you can be COVID 19 Omicron positive.

  • Fatigue

The infection uses up all your energy, if you are tired very quickly along with cough and cold then you must get tested.

  • Headache

It is one of the symptoms of the Omicron variant.

  • Muscle Pain

58% of the people who were tested Omicron positive reported that they suffered from muscle pain. It can be a sign that you are COVID positive.

  • Fever

It is another common sign of the new variant.


Omicron has been reported as one of the most mutated COVID 19 variants. It is vastly different from the other variants that have been in the world for the past 2 years. With so many people getting vaccinated, the symptoms are mild.

The main reason why this virus could spread at this level was that its symptoms are exactly similar to normal diseases like influenza, flu, cough, common cold etc. but it has adverse effects on the human body. However, this new variant has been surging but only with mild symptoms. Scientists from across the world are assuring that there is no need to panic and that this variant is not deadly as before but we must continue to follow basic protocols to avoid it completely.


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