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Disheartening video of Afghan Musician as he cries while Taliban burns his musical instruments

A video taken by an Afghan journalist shows the Taliban burning musical instruments in front of a musician in Afghanistan’s Paktia region, with the musician wailing after his instrument was set on fire.

In a viral video shared by Afghanistan’s Abdulhaq Omeri, a top journalist, a guy with a pistol is shown laughing at him, while another is filming his “miserable position.”



Previously, the Taliban forbade the playing of music in automobiles.


Aside from that, the organisation had outlawed live music at weddings and required men and women to celebrate in separate areas, according to an Afghan hotel owner who spoke to Sputnik in October.

As part of the crackdown, the Taliban have ordered the execution of “mannequins” in garment stores in Afghanistan’s Herat region, according to Sputnik News Agency, citing Afghan media.


The Taliban is cracking down on “mannequins” at apparel stores, claiming that they violate Shariah law.

On the streets of Kabul, signs of similar occurrences have begun to reappear. New “religious guidelines” were recently issued by the Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice directing Afghan television stations to stop broadcasting plays and soap operas with female characters.


According to Dawn news, despite the fact that the group has stated that these new instructions may not be enforced, history has proven that the group is devoted to bringing its brand of extreme Sharia law into the country.

Experts believe that now that the Taliban has retaken control of Afghanistan after 20 years, Afghan women would face an unclear future under their authority.