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Cost of New Parliament has risen by 29% to more than Rs 1,250 crores.

According to reports, the new parliament building, which is the centerpiece of the government’s ambitious Central Vista project, would cost another 282 crores. More than a year after the groundbreaking ceremony in December 2020, the cost has increased by 29% over the estimated cost of 977 crores. Tata Projects, the project’s execution company, has completed 40% of the work.

The construction timeline, on the other hand, is expected to stay unchanged, according to sources. The projected four-story structure, which would span 13 acres and be located just a short distance from Rashtrapati Bhavan, was originally scheduled to be completed in time for the country’s 75th Independence Day this year. The deadline was later pushed out to October.


Because of Covid, there have been no restrictions on buildings that are in place for other projects.

After the administration told the Supreme Court that the construction is of national interest, the limits were lifted.


The original British-era facility was deemed to be inadequate in modern info-tech amenities and MP offices, necessitating the construction of a new parliament building.

Many MPs have noted that the structure, which was built in 1927, is now confining. In terms of seating arrangements, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls have achieved their maximum capacity. The MPs also pointed out that the structure is not earthquake-proof and does not meet fire safety standards.


The Lok Sabha Chamber is intended to seat 888 members in the new facility, with the possibility of increasing to 1,224 members during Joint Sessions.

The Rajya Sabha chamber will seat 384 members, which is an increased capacity in anticipation of future needs.


In the renovated Shram Shakti Bhawan, which will be finished by 2024, each Member of Parliament will receive a 40 sq m office area.

With contributions from artisans and sculptors from around the country, the new structure will also exhibit the country’s great legacy.