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It could be now easier to migrate your WhatsApp chat from Android to iOS | Read Here

It isn’t easy to switch from one operating system to another. Users are hesitant to switch phones with other operating systems since doing so might lose their communication history. On the other hand, WhatsApp will now make it easier for users to switch from Android to iOS and vice versa. WhatsApp previously allowed chat transfer from iPhone to Samsung and Pixel smartphones. It was discovered trying the import chat from Android capability in the most recent beta.

According to Wabetainfo, the WhatsApp beta for iOS had hints of an impending functionality that would allow iOS users to import conversation from an Android smartphone. Wabetainfo captured a snapshot of WhatsApp requesting users for permission to import chat history from an Android handset.


The possibility to transfer the conversation from Android smartphones to iPhones has yet to be discovered. However, the method does not appear to be as straightforward as it seems. To link the two phones and transfer data, users would need USB connections. Because the functionality has not yet been made available to beta testers, WhatsApp may take some time to roll out to the general public.

Aside from the chat migration feature, WhatsApp is working to stop and continue voice communications on the desktop app’s beta version. WhatsApp beta users may already listen to voice messages before sending them on the desktop, but now they will also pause and resume recordings. You may use this function to listen to the voice note before sending it, remove it, or continue the recording.


WhatsApp for iOS already has the stop and play features. It has not yet been put out on Android beta but will be later. It is crucial to remember that the features are still in development and are not yet ready for a stable release.