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CM UDDHAV THACKERAY TO BJP: Shiv Sena Wasted 25 Years in Alliance With BJP

Maharashtra CM and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Sunday said that he accepts the challenge given by Union Home Minister Amit Shah that Shiv Sena must contest elections alone and targeted BJP over their ‘politically convenient’ Hindutva. While addressing Shiv Sena’s party members on the 96th birth anniversary of the party founder and his father Bal Thackeray he said this.

He said that he believes that 25 years the Sena spend with BJP as an ally were ‘rotted’. He further added that the party will expand their footprint outside Maharashtra as well and aim for a major national role, he added.


“I have accepted the challenge given by Union home minister Amit Shah that Shiv Sena should contest elections on its own,” Thackeray said.

“Shiv Sena had aligned with BJP as it wanted power for Hindutva. Sena never used Hindutva for the sake of power,” he said.


Shiv Sena had a fall out with BJP after the 2019 Maharashtra polls and allied with NCP and Congress to form the MVA government (Maha Vikas Aghadi).

“We supported the BJP wholeheartedly to enable them to fulfil their national ambitions. The understanding was they will go national while we will lead in Maharashtra. But we were betrayed and attempts were made to destroy us in our home. So we had to hit back,” Thackeray said justifying his decision to ally with Congress and Nationalist Congress Party after the 2019 elections.


He then added that BJP uses and throws away its alliance as per their convenience. The Shiv Sena is now planning to go outside of Maharashtra and make a base in Delhi next.

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