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IMPORTANT GOOGLE MAPS UPDATE: Now you can save and share your home locations with plus codes from Google Maps

Google Maps on Thursday received an update for its Indian users that will allow them to save and share their home addresses with Plus codes. This will help users to get the accurate address of their residence that they can use for faster deliveries of their food, medicines and parcels without sharing any landmarks or voice instructions.

Addresses with plus codes can be shared with anyone for easy navigation. Plus codes are free, open-sourced digital addresses that offer accurate location details.


With this new update, you can generate a Plus code for your home location. The app will show you a new ‘use your current location’ option when saving a home location. Once you save your home location, it will generate a Plus code that you can share directly from the saved tab on Google Maps

In case your home location is already saved in Google Maps, then you will see a plus code beside it for precise details.


All you have to do is copy the Plus code paste it in the chatbox and give the precise location details of your home to anyone you want. This alphanumeric code will include your details like your name, email ID etc. this plus code is saved in your personal Google Maps so it is not visible to the public. You can remove the plus code anytime you want from Google Maps.

“We are looking forward to expanding to more types of places, and are actively looking for opportunities to partner with e-commerce, logistics, and delivery companies, to scale up the experience to more people across the world,” said Amanda Bishop, Product Manager, Google Maps, in a prepared statement.


Google has rolled this feature for Android users and they will soon roll it for iOS users as well.

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