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Windows 11: Android apps will available in February for “Public Preview”

Microsoft has revealed intentions to deliver a public test of its Android applications for Windows 11 in February. Windows CEO Panos Panay verified this in a blog post discussing Windows 11’s early adoption rate.

The firm debuted its most recent operating system, with a revamped UI, in October 2021. One of the most notable features of Windows 11 is the ability to run Android apps natively on a PC or laptop. The functionality, however, was not made accessible to users during the release.


Microsoft eventually made this capability available to anyone who joined up for Windows 11’s Insider Program but only with a limited number of apps. This is about to change, as the brand stated in a blog post that the next version would include Android app compatibility for “Public Preview.”

This essentially means that all Windows 11 users will be able to access Android apps via the PC-based Amazon Appstore. It is possible that one does not need to join up for Windows Insider.


As of now, it is uncertain whether Microsoft would provide customers with a broader library of applications in the public test next month. The Insider Program for Windows 11 included roughly 50 applications. Aside from this feature, the business has disclosed that the future version would offer taskbar enhancements such as mute and unmute functionality. It is also planned to restore taskbar drag and drop capability.

Panay also said that the business saw great demand and preference for Windows 11, with customers accepting the free upgrade offer to Windows 11 at double the rate of the previous version. Currently, Windows is installed on 1.4 billion devices each month, and the PC industry grew rapidly throughout the epidemic.