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Maharashtra government’s nod for wine sale in supermarkets slammed by Anna Hazare

On Monday, social campaigner Anna Hazare said it was “unfortunate” that the Maharashtra government prioritised booze sales for financial benefit. The Gandhian social crusader’s comments came only days after the state government legalised the sale of wine in supermarkets and walk-in stores.

Last Thursday, Maharashtra Skill Development Minister Nawab Malik announced that the state cabinet has decided to expand fruit-based wineries, which provide additional revenue to farmers.


In a statement issued on Monday, Hazare stated that it is the government’s responsibility to dissuade people from using drugs, drinking alcohol, and becoming addicted. “It is disheartening to see decisions being made to encourage alcohol and addiction just for the sake of generating income,” he remarked.

The state government of Maharashtra recently voted to legalise the selling of wine in supermarkets and grocery stores. This is a terrible choice for the people of Maharashtra. According to the state administration, the decision was made in the best interests of farmers. The state authorities also said that wine does not contain alcohol. The actual question, according to the activist, is “where would such a choice take the state?”


While the people of the state are opposing the government’s decision, he claims that those in power support it. “It is terrible for the people of this state that the administration has prioritised the sale of liquor in this manner just for the purpose of generating cash,” Hazare stated.

Hazare further stated that in November of last year, the Maharashtra government decreased the Excise tax on imported Scotch whisky by 50%. The government intends to raise the sale of such booze and enhance its earnings from Rs 100 crore to Rs 250 crore, he added.