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According to father, Arunachal teen was subjected to electric shocks while in Chinese custody

An official stated on Tuesday that an Indian youngster who was purportedly taken by the Chinese army from Arunachal Pradesh was reunited with his family.

Miram Taron was reunited with his parents during a celebration in Tuting, Upper Siang district, on Monday evening, according to district Deputy Commissioner Shaswat Saurabh.


When he returned home, he was greeted warmly by the local administration and panchayat representatives.

Miram, 17, was allegedly taken by the Chinese army on January 18 while on a hunting expedition with his companion Johny Yaying in the Lungta Jor region near the Line of Actual Control. Yaying was able to flee the site and report the incident to the authorities.


On January 27, the Chinese army turned Miram over to the Indian Army at the Wacha-Damai interface point at Kibithu in Anjaw district, where he was quarantined and legal formalities were fulfilled.

Miram’s father, Opang Taron, stated that his son was psychologically fatigued as a result of the experience.


According to his father, he was bound and blindfolded for more than a week while in the captivity of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

“He is still in a state of shock. Initially, he was booted in the back and given a small electric shock. During his detention, he was kept mostly blindfolded and his wrists were bound. They only untied him when he needed to eat or relieve himself. They did, however, supply him with appropriate meals “At the gathering, Opang Taron spoke to media.


Tapir Gao, a BJP MP from Arunachal East Constituency, who posted the teen’s kidnapping information on Twitter on January 19, said, “Miram was accorded a warm welcome by the people of Zido, authorities, and panchayat leaders.” The PLA allegedly kidnapped five boys from Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Subansiri area in September 2020 before releasing them after approximately a week, also near a border point in Anjaw district.

Arunachal Pradesh and China have a 1,080-kilometer border.