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Army Chief Gen MM Naravane says India is witnessing trailers of future conflicts

India is seeing foreshadowing of future wars, and its enemies will continue to make attempts to accomplish their strategic goals, Army Chief Gen MM Naravane said on Thursday, diving into national security concerns posed by China and Pakistan.

In a talk to an online conference, he stated that India is confronting “unique, serious, and multi-domain” security problems, and that developments on the country’s northern frontiers have sufficiently highlighted the need for ready and competent military.


The Chief of Army Staff stated, without identifying China or Pakistan, that disputed boundaries with nuclear-capable neighbours, along with state-sponsored proxy war, were straining the security infrastructure and resources.

“We are seeing previews of future battles. These are played out on a daily basis on the information battlefield, in networks, and in cyberspace. They are also played along volatile and active borders “He stated.


“Based on these trailers, we can already imagine the combat shapes of the future. You can see the truth of today if you look around “He stated.

The Army Chief stated that the events on the country’s northern frontiers have appropriately highlighted the need for ready and competent troops with an ideal component of boots on the ground supported by modern technology in order to maintain the country’s sovereignty and integrity.


In an oblique remark to China, he also stated that certain countries are questioning universally recognised standards and the rules-based system.

He further stated that the process of integrating three services via theaterisation is already underway and that the Indian Army is fully committed to this change. According to Gen Naravane, the Army is working on reorganising, rebalancing, and reorienting its troops, and the process has already begun.