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More than 1,000 campaigners have signed a petition urging government to take more action on animal welfare

At the two-day India for Animals Conference (IFA) 2022, organised by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO) in collaboration with The Dogs Trust Worldwide, over 1,000 animal protection activists, organisations, and animal lovers came together to highlight key issues that require immediate attention.

Due to pandemic-related constraints, this was the fourth edition of the conference, which was held virtually for the first time.


The conference listed seven key areas where the government must act immediately for the wellbeing of animals as well as to combat the evident global impact of climate change. Priority should be given to delaying the Prevention of Abuse to Animals Amendment Bill and instituting strong punishments for animal cruelty.

Concrete improvements in the conditions of chicken housing, transportation, and slaughter, including the abolition of battery cages. To control aquaculture farms and enhance the life of fish, clear rules and a regulatory framework are required.


Adoption of welfare measures to enhance the welfare of dairy cows and buffaloes. There would be no relaxation of Section 43 of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, which allows the sale of elephants. There is widespread agreement that switching to a plant-based diet is critical for animals, human health, and climate change.

On the first day of the IFA, keynote speaker Dr Peter Singer, acclaimed philosopher and author of Animal Liberation, who recently won the Berggruen Prize (Nobel Prize equivalent in the field of Philosophy), set the tone with his searing talk on speciesism, claiming that the use of animals, particularly in intensive farming systems, was morally indefensible from the perspectives of animal rights, climate change, and pandemic.


The conference closed by honouring people and organisations who strive to preserve animals and encouraging them to help them expand and enhance their efforts.

In addition, FIAPO has launched a media fellowship to increase mainstream media coverage of animal-related issues.