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Telegram released an update that includes video stickers, better responses, and new features

Telegram Messenger is introducing a slew of new features to its users. The instant messaging software has received an upgrade that includes improved navigation capabilities, new video stickers, new reactions, and a button to evaluate unseen reactions on the app.

These are some of the features:


Telegram Video stickers

As previously stated, Telegram now has a new function that allows users to generate animated stickers from ordinary videos. This is an improvement over the previous animated stickers available on the app, which required the use of professional tools such as Adobe Illustrator to create.


Telegram will now be able to handle stickers created from ordinary videos, thanks to the upgrade. This implies that anyone with any video editing tool can now easily produce complex animated stickers. Users that create new stickers can use the @Stickers bot to publish their sticker packs or add some of the new sets created by others.

New Reactions on Telegram


Telegram has also made adjustments to the app’s responses, which now feature more concise animations. Users will now have to push and hold on to a reaction in the menu to convey a greater effect. Reactions, like interactive emoji, will be synced on Telegram in the future, so the receiver will be able to view the animations in real-time.

Reactions now have a read status as well. A new heart-shaped button will now show that your texts have received unseen responses.


Improved navigation between Telegram Chats

The latest Telegram version includes a new navigation shortcut. Users may now return to a specific chat on the app by pressing and holding the ‘Back’ button from a list of most recent conversations. Opening chat from forwarded messages, URLs, usernames, and profiles, among other things, will now add them to this list.’


Telegram bug fixes

Telegram claims that its developers were able to solve various problems, resulting in enhanced call quality on the app. Furthermore, the update adds language functionality to Instant View pages, as well as bios (only on iOS). There is now a new option in the sharing menu to send quiet messages. On iOS, new animations have been added to the tab bar icons. Several additional enhancements are also included in the release.