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Comedian Sunil Grover Undergoes 4 Bypass Surgeries with All Three Arteries Blocked

Comedian and Actor Sunil Grover were discharged from the hospital after recovering from bypass surgery. He was admitted to the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai where he was treated for 100% blocked arteries.

Grover first checked up on January 8 when he had a minor heart episode after which it was found out that he had major blockages in 3 arteries with 100% block in two of them and 70-90% in the third artery. He was also diagnosed with COVID 19 and the doctors recommended immediate bypass surgery.


He had to go through 4 bypass surgery for the arteries. Thankfully, no damage was detected in his heart muscle, Sunil Grover’s team said. He is now recovering and doing better. Sunil Grover is popularly known for his comic roles in reality comedy shows. His character Gutthi and Dr Mashhoor Gulati has been fan favourite.

Sunil Grover’s team released a statement talking about his whereabouts. They stated that he went through a very uneventful post-op recovery and was discharged on 3rd February, 7 days after the surgery. Dr Panda who was Grover’s doctor said that the surgery was successful and in long term, he will be able to lead a normal life but with proper care like a balanced diet, exercise, yoga and medicine. He added that Sunil Grover is a strong man and he is positive about it.


We wish that he recovers very soon and all his fans can see him back on screen in no time!

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