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As the positivity rate falls to 7.4%, India logs 1,07,474 cases: 8 keypoints

Today, India recorded 1,07,474 new Covid cases, a 16% decrease from yesterday. The percentage of those who are optimistic has dropped to 7.42 per cent. Active cases account for 2.90% of overall cases, while the countrywide COVID-19 recovery rate has dropped to 95.91%.

Below are the top 8 Coronavirus updates in India:


1. Because of the new variant Omicron, the quantity of Covid infections has been quickly increasing since December. India’s active caseload is now 12,25,011.

2. In the previous 24 hours, there have been 865 new Covid-related fatalities. On Friday, the death toll from COVID-19 surpassed 500,000, a figure that many health experts believe was achieved last year but was masked by incorrect surveys and unrecorded deaths in the countryside, where millions remain exposed to the disease.


3. The previous 24 hours saw at least 2,13,246 recoveries, bringing the overall total of recoveries to 4,04,61,148.

4. The additional instances were discovered while 14,48,513 tests were performed in the previous 24 hours. In India, 74.01 crore Covid tests have been performed so far.


5. The routine Covid positivity rate is 7.42 per cent, whereas the weeklong positivity rate is 10.20 per cent.

6. During the previous 24 hours, Maharashtra reported 11,394 new cases. According to the health authority, no new Omicron variant infections were detected in Maharashtra on Saturday.


7. The city of Delhi recorded 1,604 new COVID-19 infections and 17 fatalities, but the positive rate fell to 2.87 per cent. Due to a decrease in the number of instances, the national capital has lowered COVID-19 limits even more.

8. Almost 169 crores, according to the health ministry, COVID-19 vaccination doses have already been delivered across the country. Until 7 p.m. on Friday, more than 42 lakh (42,95,142) vaccination doses had been delivered.