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First week of Budget session: Rajya Sabha achieves 100% productivity

The Rajya Sabha achieved 100% productivity in the first week of the Budget session, which is unusual.

Due to disturbances over the week, there were no adjournments.


Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu commended and complimented the House’s seamless operation on many occasions, and asked members to maintain this attitude for the remainder of the session and in the future.

During the first week, following the President’s speech to members of both Houses and the introduction of the Budget, 26 Rajya Sabha members debated the motion of appreciation to the President’s address for 7 hours 41 minutes.


A maximum of 12 hours have been set aside for this discussion, which will include the Prime Minister’s response, which is expected on February 8.

Following the prime minister’s response, the Union Budget for 2022-23 would be debated for 11 hours, with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman responding on Friday.


To make this possible, Private Members’ Business on Friday has been omitted.

Over the first week, 25 of the specified starred questions were answered vocally throughout three days of question Hour. During the Zero Hour, the members received 31 Zero Hour and 14 Special Mentions.


During the week, fifteen Private Members’ Bills were introduced. There was a discussion on two pending bills. The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019, was withdrawn by BJP leader Vinay Sahasrabuddhe with the House’s permission following the completion of the debate.

The Population Regulation Bill, 2019, introduced by Rakesh Sinha, is still being debated.


The Rajya Sabha last functioned for three consecutive days throughout the week without forced adjournments on March 15, 2021, during the Budget session.

Rajya Sabha productivity has been at or above 100 per cent for four consecutive Budget periods, from 2014 to 2017, and for the normal Budget session in 2019.