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5 Common Heart Health Mistakes That Women Make

Heart diseases have become one of the common issues in this artificial and modern lifestyle we are living in. Do we ever think twice before eating our favourite food that is rich in cholesterol and from our favourite joint? Mostly no, and this can lead to severe chronic diseases in your old age when your body is not able to take it more. Women face heart attack incidents much more than men especially if they are around the age group of 45-50 years. Women are 20% more likely to suffer heart attack or death as compared to men.

Today we will list a few common mistakes which women often ignore and they must look after it better.

  • Smoking: In comparison to western countries, Indian women don’t smoke at large, however in urban areas, it is a different story. Smoking is related to many drastic consequences like a cardiac and pulmonary disease. It is considered to be a major risk for the heart. So you must avoid smoking as much as you can.
  • Exercise: Women are often occupied with their work and also wrapping up their homes. So if you are one of those women, you might barely get time for yourself. However, even if you take out 30 minutes for yourself for a sprinted walk or exercise, it can do wonders for your heart.
  • Weight Management: A lot of times you might be careless of your weight, especially after childbirth. However, you must keep your body in shape and avoid obesity. Obesity is related to many heart diseases.
  • Adequate Sleep: A good 7 to 8 hours of sleep is something none of us follows. Sleeping less is related to increased heart risks. Along with less sleep, mental stress is also a trigger of cardiac illness. Women must look after these aspects.
  • Routine Health Check-up: Sometimes people avoid health check-ups in fear that a new disease might come up but this will only lead to ignoring the disease until it reaches the final stage. Some chronic diseases like diabetes, BP, hypertension might be there and you might never know!

So, we suggest you go do those health check-ups now!

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