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Investigation on betting apps reveals a Chinese human hair smuggling racket

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) said on Monday that it had uncovered a hawala and money laundering conspiracy related to the trafficking of human hair from India to China through Myanmar, following repeated searches and the freezing of up to 139 bank accounts.

The federal investigation agency claimed it discovered the suspected unlawful cross-border transaction while looking into a previous “fund trail” of digital Chinese betting mobile apps. According to the report, 1.20 crore in cash was taken during the operation.


According to a statement, the Enforcement Directorate initially filed an FIR with the Hyderabad Police and then conducted raids over two days (February 9-10), from Hyderabad to Aizawl and the Mizoram border town of Champai.

As per the report, human hair was being smuggled from India to Myanmar via unlawful land routes via Mizoram, resulting in the generating of large sums of money.


Hyderabad Police FIR stated that a company called Nayla Family Exports Private Limited, whose director is Mohammed Ibrahim Patel, exported human hairs using the Benami Import Export Code (IEC) of numerous local private enterprises.

It further said that large-scale domestic human hair sales were actually occurring from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to Guwahati and Kolkata.


The agency claimed it had focused on several shells or fake firms based in Mizoram that was accepting “hundreds of crores of cash deposits” and subsequently remitting the funds to many hair dealers throughout India.

According to the Enforcement Directorate, the shell firms include St Mary’s Gem Industries in Champai, Sun Moon Human Hair in Champai, and Thari Enterprises in Aizawl.


Enforcement Directorate said that Lucas Thangmangliana, a native of the rural Champai area, is “the key facilitator of this massive hawala enterprise.”

During the raids, the agency said it discovered incriminating papers, handwritten diaries, digital gadgets, and retrieved 1.20 crore in cash.