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Omicron was discovered in 95 percent of Mumbai samples in the latest genome sequencing

According to the city municipal authority, around 95% of swab samples evaluated in the most recent round of genome sequencing in Mumbai were infected with the Omicron variety that launched the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in late December and has since ebbed across the metropolis.

Out of a total of 190 samples, 180 (94.74%) were found to be infected with Omicron, three with the Delta variant (1.58%), one with Delta (0.53%), and six with other coronavirus strains (3.16%), according to a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) release citing test results from the city’s ninth round of genome sequencing.


Significantly, the announcement said that 23 of the 190 patients from Mumbai whose swab samples were sent for genome sequencing died, and 21 of them were infected with Omicron.

In the most recent round of genome sequencing, which took place at the end of December, 248 of the 280 samples gathered within BMC’s jurisdiction proved positive for Omicron, while the rest contained different coronavirus variations.


According to the report, the civic body analysed 282 samples in the ninth round of genomic sequencing. 190 of these samples were from Mumbai, with the rest coming from other regions of Maharashtra.

Thirteen of the 190 affected individuals were under the age of 18. As per the release, 11 of them were contaminated with Omicron.


According to the BMC, 106 of the 190 individuals required hospitalisation. Five had only received the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccination, 50 had received both doses, and 51 had not received any dosage.

The local authority said that just nine of the 106 patients required oxygen assistance, while 11 were admitted to the intensive care unit.