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IMPORTANT NEWS: Helmet for child on bikes, speed of up to 40 kmph: Check new road safety rules

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued new road safety rules for carrying children 4 years old on 2 wheelers on Wednesday. The new rules state that children who are 4 years or below have to wear helmets and harness belts, also the speed of the bike should be 40 km/hr.

Violating these new traffic rules will lead you to pay Rs 1,000 and a 3-month suspension of the driver’s license. The Central Motor Vehicles Act has been amended now to include these new rules to ensure better safety of children who are riding in a two-wheeler.


According to the new traffic safety rules, the safety harness must be lightweight, cushioned, and waterproof and have a 30kg load-carrying capacity. The rider of the bike has to tie the child to the safety harness that comes with a couple of straps so that the child is secure throughout the trip.

Another addition to the new rules is that the children have to wear a crash helmet or bicycle helmet while they are on the bike. The helmet should comply with the standards specified by the government. The Centre has already informed the helmet manufacturers to start making helmets for children.


While the rider is riding the bike with children, they cannot exceed over 40 km/hr of speed. In October 2021, the ministry had proposed to make it mandatory for riders to use a safety harness and crash helmets for children.

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