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PM Modi meets with an Afghan Sikh-Hindu group and assures them, “India is your home”

On Saturday, a delegation of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus met PM Narendra Modi at his residence in New Delhi and praised him for enacting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and sticking up for them in times of difficulty.

In welcoming the group, Prime Minister Modi stated that they are not visitors, but that India is their homeland.


The meeting comes only a day after Modi received a number of notable Sikhs at his residence and just one day before the Punjab Assembly elections.

According to a statement published by the Prime Minister’s Office, Modi discussed the enormous hardships encountered by Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan, as well as the government’s assistance in bringing them safely to India.


In this context, he also discussed the relevance of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and its advantages to the community, according to the statement.

Modi promised them his continued assistance in resolving any concerns and addressing their difficulties in the future.


The prime minister also discussed the significance of the practice of honouring the Guru Granth Sahib, in light of which special efforts were made to bring Guru Granth Sahib’s ‘Swaroop’ back from Afghanistan.

According to the statement, Modi also spoke about the enormous affection he has gotten from Afghans over the years and warmly remembered his visit to Kabul.


Manjinder Singh Sirsa, a BJP politician present at the event, praised the prime minister for providing aid from India to bring back members of the community safely and stated that when no one stood by them, the prime minister offered continual support and quick help.

As per the statement, other members of the group praised the Prime Minister for sticking up for them in times of need.