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4 important things to know about when choosing a sunscreen for yourself

As the summers are approaching, you might be thinking of buying sunscreens. But, don’t just buy any sunscreen out there. There are many dermatologists and beauty influencers who are telling people which is the best sunscreen, but what is best for you?

All these recommendations can be overwhelming for you. So, today we will help you select the best sunscreen for your skin type so that you are clear about what suits you!

  • Sunscreen suitable to your skin type

Use a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. You must choose your sunscreen based on what your skin needs. People who have dry skin must wear sunscreen that is hydrating and keeps their skin fresh. Those with oily skin must opt for gel-based sunscreens.

  • Check the ingredients list

It is a tedious task, but a glance at the ingredients will save you from misery. Sunscreens are of two kinds, physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens have minerals like zinc which chemical sunscreens have chemical compounds that help you with UV protection.

  • Water –resistance

If you are wondering if you must look for water resistance in your sunscreen, then you are right! Water-resistant sunscreens ensure that in rain, extreme heat when you are sweating, you are protected from the UV rays. So even if you are not a swimmer, waterproof sunscreen is a better option.

  • What SPF should you choose?

In a recent study shared by Healthline, SPF 100 is the best version of sunscreen. It is much better than SPF 50 as it makes a substantial difference in protecting your skin against sun damage. SPF 30 is the least preferred but you can still use it if you re-apply it often.


So here are a few things you can look at before you purchase your sunscreen, this will help you keep your skin better and healthier.

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Image credits: Getty Images