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To flee Ukraine, 40 Indian medical students walk 8 kilometres to the Poland border

As per news agency ANI, forty Indian students were able to walk to the Ukraine-Poland border after being dropped off by their college bus around 8 kilometers from the border.

Because Ukraine’s airspace has been closed due to the Russian invasion, students at a medical college in Lviv, 70 kilometers from the Polish border, are waiting to be evacuated from neighboring nations.


In the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, saboteurs from the main Russian attack group are already assaulting Ukrainian defenses. According to Western experts, the city would most certainly come under Russian hands in a matter of hours.

One of the Indian students who walked the long distance to the Poland-Ukraine border tweeted photos of them walking in a single line on the side of an empty road.


In Ukraine, there are around 16,000 Indians, the majority of whom are students. During Russian airstrikes and missile assaults, many people have posted on social media from underground metro stations and basements.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has created camp offices in the western Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Chernivtsi. The majority of the combat is taking place in eastern Ukraine, close to the Russian border.


More Russian-speaking employees have been dispatched to these camp offices to assist Indian students travelling to Poland. A group of students has also embarked on a journey to the Ukraine- Romania border.

According to reports, the government is organizing evacuation planes for Indians who have managed to reach Ukraine’s neighbors, with the government bearing the entire expense. Two chartered aircraft are expected to depart today for Bucharest, while one will depart tomorrow for Budapest.


Those closest to Hungary and Romania’s border checkpoints have been encouraged to depart first. Students should communicate with student contractors “for orderly mobility,” according to the foreign ministry.

Late Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin, requesting an “immediate cessation of violence.” The chat took place just hours after Ukraine made an urgent request to India for help.