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BIG NEWS: LPG Cylinder Prices surged by Rs 105, Check latest price here

The prices of LPG gas cylinders are seeing yet another surge. The companies hiked the price of LPG cylinders by Rs 105 from today (March 1). However, the prices are applicable for only commercial LPG cylinders and not domestic ones. The domestic LPG prices remain the same.

With the new revision, the 19kg commercial cylinder will now cost Rs 2,012. Last month, the companies have reduced the 19kg commercial LPG cylinder cost by Rs 91.50. On the other hand, the price of 5kg cylinder price is surged by Rs 27. Hence, the consumers have to pay Rs 569 in Delhi for a 5kg cylinder.


Price of commercial cylinders in various cities

With the surge in prices, the commercial cylinder will cost Rs 1962 in Mumbai, Rs 2089 in Kolkata, Rs 2185 in Chennai. Just like petrol and diesel prices, the LPG gas cylinder prices are decided by the state petroleum companies. The government provides LPG cylinders to the citizens at subsidized rates.


So, if you are running a company and your business uses gas cylinders, then you might have to revise your product’s cost. Nowadays the gas pipeline LPG is getting popular and the demand for gas cylinders have slowed down.

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