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Rail fares will be reduced by 30% when 47 trains via Bhopal lose their special status | More Details 

Currently, around 15,000 people ride on 47 special trains that run mostly through Bhopal station. And now the news has come to effectively eliminate the special status of all trains, which will further save passengers onboard 30% of their prices.

In addition to the existing, the number of trains at Bhopal station will rise from 132 to 167, including weekly trains. At the same time, 38,000 passengers now commuting between Hoshangabad-Harda-Itarsi, Sehore-Shujalpur-Shajapur, Obaidullaganj-Mandideep, and Vidisha-Bina will save a substantial amount of money.


Even during the Covid lockdown, almost 15,000 passengers onboard 47 special trains, including the Chhattisgarh Humsafar, were forced to pay up to 30% more than the regular fare. This sum was around Rs 11 to 12 lakh additional for each passenger.

Along with this, train stoppage will be reduced and save journey time.


At the precise moment, 35,000 people are departing from Bhopal train station and 11,000 from Rani Kamlapati railway station.

By the next month, the number of passengers at Bhopal station will be 45,000 to 50,000, and at Rani Kamalapati station, 15,000 to 20,000.


The number of daily commuters would also rise sharply by 30 to 40% as well.

In other news today, the Government Railway Police (GRP) recovered 32 kilogrammes of gold jewellery worth 12 crores from four passengers aboard the Mumbai-Bhubaneswar Konark Express in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday, as per an official.