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Health Ministry: India is seeing a substantial decrease and accounts for only 0.7 percent of global Covid cases

According to the health ministry, around 11,000 Covid cases are recorded on a weekly basis in India, representing a significant decrease in the number of cases as compared to other nations. India accounts for only 0.7% of all Covid cases worldwide.

As per Luv Aggarwal, Joint Health Secretary, there has been a significant decrease in the number of cases. India accounts for only 0.7 percent of all reported cases worldwide.


In India, the number of Covid fatalities is also decreasing. From February 2 to 8, India reported 615 fatalities on average, a 76.6 percent decrease from the high.

In India, the weekly average Covid positivity rate is 0.99 percent. There are around 77,000 current cases in the nation. Only 6,561 Covid cases have been recorded in India as of March 2.


India showed a 96.4 percent decrease in new Covid cases, compared to the global average of 55.7 percent. In addition, the country had a 76.6 percent decrease in Covid fatalities, compared to the world’s 22.8 percent.

According to the health ministry, a peak comparison with other nations on the number of cases documented during the third wave was made. When compared to the global spike, India was anticipating a high of more than 19 lakh cases per day. The country was expecting a rise of more than 36 lakh cases per day, more than eight times that of Germany.