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4 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Making Digital Transactions

India has recently seen a jump in digital transactions with the wide popularity of Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe etc. However, no matter how easy this has made our lives, it comes with its cons and you must be careful while doing these transactions.

Today we will list 5 ways to stay secure when you are doing online transactions:

  • Use QR Code with Caution

We often receive texts asking to scan a QR code to avail gifts and offers, you must know that a QR code is not for availing any offers but only to make payments.

  • Use customer support

In case your amount is deducted and the receiver didn’t receive the amount, then it is advised you use in=app customer support. Third-party customer support must be avoided.

  • Stay updated on your credit score

Your credit score helps you to keep a track of any suspicious activities in your account. With monthly reports, you can avoid fraud and set limits on your cards.

  • Multiple layers of protection

Nowadays, all fintech apps offer their customers multiple layers of protection to keep their accounts safe. You can enable password protection or biometric protection (fingerprints, face recognition) that enhances your financial security.


So, these are a few ways you can ensure that your money is safe during an online transaction.

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