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IMPORTANT NEWS: Govt Notifies citizens for displaying fitness certificate, registration mark on vehicles. Read 5 Key Points.

All the vehicles will have to display validity or fitness certificate and registration mark in a certain format. This was notified to the public by the MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) on Thursday.

Rules for different vehicles:

  • According to the statement, in the case of heavy load vehicles and medium load vehicles, the fitness certificate and registration mark must be at the upper edge of the left side of the windscreen.
  • In the case of three-wheelers (auto-rickshaw) and quadricycles, it can be exhibited on the upper edge of the left side of the windscreen if possible.
  • For 2 wheelers, it can be displayed at the front side where it is visible.
  • The information has to be displayed in yellow colour on blue background in font type Arial Bold.
  • This movie is aimed to prevent expired registration vehicles off the roads.

Hence, make sure to get your vehicle’s fitness certificate soon.

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