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IMPORTANT SBI Alert: Bank warns customers against KYC Fraud, Warns them not to click on cryptic links, Know more here.

India’s largest government bank SBI took to Twitter to alert its customers against bank fraud that often leads to people losing their hard-earned money. In the tweet, they shared an infographic that informed the customers about embedded links sent via SMS that they should not click. Customers must always check for the shortcode of SBI when they receive such texts, the bank further stated.


Some Important Points that SBI pointed out are:

  • SBI announced in their tweet that some customers have reported that they have been receiving messages from SBI. It is a replica of the original SMS sent by SBI.
  • These SMS alerts come with a cryptic embedded link, when you click it, the hacker gains access to the customer’s bank account and a huge sum is deducted.
  • SBI also warned that they never ask their customers to update their KYC details over SMS embedded links.
  • The dubious SMS read, “Dear Customer, Your SBI documents has been expired. Your account will be blocked in 24 hrs. please upload your KYC in click here link- http://ibit.ly/oMwK.”

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