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Disney Plus to launch a lower-cost ad-supported membership package this year

Disney Plus is about to launch a new membership option that will be less expensive but will be ad-supported. The strategy will be released later this year, according to the streaming behemoth. The proposal will initially be implemented in the United States. It will eventually be extended to other countries. In India, Disney+ Hotstar now provides three options beginning at Rs 299 per month.

The pricing of the new plan has not been disclosed, although it will be less expensive than the ad-free version. The ad-free version is presently available at $7.99 (about Rs 610) each month.


Disney claimed 129.8 million Disney+ members, including 5.9 million Disney+ Hotstar users, in its most recent results call. Disney is anticipated to announce an official launch date soon. The subscription package will first be available to consumers in the United States and Canada.

Disney+ Hotstar in India provides Super and Premium plans. The monthly premium plan costs Rs 299 per month, while the yearly premium plan costs Rs 1499. In India, Disney+ Hotstar also offers another membership package called the Super plan. The package costs Rs 899 per year. The Super plan allows for Full HD video, whilst the Premium plan allows for 4K video.


Disney+ has announced plans to expand its services to over 50 countries and in the second half of the year, the services would be available in 42 nations and 11 new territories Disney has not said when the services will be accessible in any of the 42 countries.