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BIG NEWS: MCC announces big changes in Cricket Laws, Know more here

The Marylebone Cricket Club has announced a new set of Laws for cricket on Wednesday. The MCC Laws sub-committee had a meeting last week where they approved several big changes for the 2022 code of law. The new code of laws will come into effect from October 1.

Law 1 – Replacement players


The MCC has introduced a new clause – Law 1.3 related to the replacement players. In this new clause, the replacements will be treated as the players who are replaced on the field. They will receive the same sanctions or dismissals that the previous player has done in the match.

Law 18 – Batters returning when Caught


They made another big change in Law 18.11, in this when a batter gets caught, the player who comes to bat will begin at the striker’s end. Previously if batters crossed before the catch was taken then the new player would go on the non-striker’s end. This law is changed to reward the bowler for taking the wicket.

Law 21.4 – Bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery


If a bowler throws the ball in an attempt to run out the striker before entering their delivery stride, it will now be the Dead Ball. It is a rare scenario that has until now been called a No ball.

Law 22.1 – Judging a Wide


The new law suggests that a ‘Wide’ will apply to where the batter is standing, where the striker has stood at any point since the bowler began their run-up, and which would also have passed wide of the striker in a normal batting position.

Laws 27.4 and 28.6 – Unfair movement by the fielding side


If there is any unfair movement in the fielding side during bowling, the batting side will be given 5 penalty runs. Previously it was referred to as dead ball which was a disadvantage to the batting side.

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