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Google presents Archived Apps, major solution to the restricted storage issue both Android and iOS users confront

One of the most significant issues we encounter with our smartphones is a lack of storage space, particularly if the phone has been in use for more than a year. Google now appears to have a solution for this.

Google has announced a new feature for Android phones called Archiving in a recent blog. In response to the widespread issue, the tech titan has announced the development of functionality that would allow users to “temporarily recoup about 60% of app storage capacity.” This will be achieved by “removing sections of the application” rather than deleting it entirely.


According to Google, an archived app will stay on the device and will even keep user data. This will make it easier for users to restore an app “to the latest available compatible version” if it is to be used again after some time has passed.

However, there is still time for a public deployment of the Archive app capability. For the time being, Google will release a new Bundletool 1.10 version, which will enable archiving to all developers via App Bundles.


According to Google, the archived APKs are “extremely tiny APKs” that might maintain user data until the programme is reinstalled. Google, on the other hand, makes it clear that, while the archived APKs are already in development, they will not be usable until “the archiving capability is deployed to users later in the year.”