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GOOD NEWS: Indian Railways will now again provide blankets and linens inside the trains. Know more here.

As the COVID 19 pandemic finally seems like settling down, the Indian Railways has taken a big decision. On Thursday they issued new orders to resume providing linen and blankets and curtains inside the trains that were suspended amid the COVID 19. This order was issued to general managers of all railway zones. The Railway Board said they will supply these items immediately.

Indian Railways had suspended the activities of serving meals and linen in the trains due to COVID 19. They are finally going to resume these activities now as the COVID 19 cases are declining. However, concessions for passengers are still suspended on the train.


In suspension of linen, the railways were charging for disposable blankets and pillows in some trains. They had also discontinued the facility in AC coaches and Rajdhani trains.

The disposable bedding kits were given to passengers who travelled on long-distance Rajdhani trains like Mumbai – Delhi expresses.


However, with these new orders, passengers can travel comfortably as they opt for long-distance train travel.

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