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Nirmala Sitharaman: India Is Getting Ready To Be Ahead Of The Curve In The Next 25 Years

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said during a post-budget interaction with stakeholders from trade and industry in North-Eastern states in Guwahati that the government has taken various futuristic steps in the Union Budget by focusing on development through enhancing and establishing digital infrastructure in the country.

The government is guaranteeing that India is prepared to remain ahead of the curve in numerous areas over the next 25 years by utilising technology and making India digitally ready. Ms Sitharaman stated that the Union government has taken many forward-thinking steps in the union budget to accomplish this.


As per Finance Minister, digital infrastructure would benefit many industries like agriculture, medicine, and education, among others.

In the field of natural farming, Sitharaman stated that the government is enabling improved natural farming via the use of digital technologies while also ensuring better mapping of farmyards.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gati Shakti project, which attempts to steer infrastructure, planning, investments, and coordination, has a larger spirit and philosophy.

Sitharaman noted that the Finance Ministry would continue to invest in capital expenditure and will give more rigorous instructions.


She went on to say that the North-Eastern area has a lot to offer and that aggregation will assist overcome the issues that the region’s many stakeholders are facing.

The Minister also encouraged participants to present ideas that would benefit women-owned companies in the region.