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5 Ways to repair cracked skin with changing season, Read Here

If you are living in tropical areas like Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata, you might not face the trouble of dry skin as there is a lot of humidity by the seaside. However, people who are living on the drier parts may face issues of dry and chapped skin even in summers. Places like Pune and other cities that are a bit elevated usually have dry weather.

Cracked feet, hands and lips are irritating; they can cause itching, flaking and bleeding. Today we will list a few tips and tricks to heal your cracked skin with the changing weather as we head to the summers.

  • Moisturize cracked skin: We are sure that people who live in dry regions have bottles of cream stacked at their dressing table. Moisturizing your skin in dry weather keeps your skin hydrated and prevents cracking.
  • Skincare products: You can use different skincare oils and products like jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter.
  • Avoid washing your hands with hot water. A hot water bath or shower can worsen your chapped skin conditions.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Certain fabrics can irritate your dry skin. It is advised by experts that you must always wear smooth, breathable fabrics like cotton or silk and avoid fabrics like wool.
  • Other than creams you can also use petroleum jelly to heal your cracked skin. Petroleum Jelly can lock the skin in moisture that helps to heal the cracked skin.

So, these are some of the tips suggested by experts that you can follow to heal your cracked or chapped skin!

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