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Samsung Galaxy S22 received an update that will address app performance-limiting

As per reports, Samsung has begun putting out an update that addresses the previously found performance throttling concerns. According to Sammobile, the latest version removes CPU and GPU performance constraints, allowing users to fully utilise their phone’s hardware.

The performance throttling issue was identified a few days ago, and the firm stated that an update will be released to fix it, and it appears that the brand did not waste any time. However, the update is now only accessible in South Korea and is only for people who possess the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.


There is no word on when Samsung intends to issue the same update for other devices. However, because this is a severe issue, the business is anticipated to roll out the update to more areas in the next days or weeks. When multiple customers began complaining on Twitter, it was first assumed that the performance throttling issue was restricted to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

However, Geekbench developer John Poole later noted that the same problem exists on previous models as well. According to many reports, the performance throttling issue was noticeable in various popular games such as Genshin Impact, as well as some normal programmes such as Instagram, Netflix, and Google apps.