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Telegram brings THESE amazing new features in their app, Know more here

Telegram is updating itself with some amazing new features that will make the app new and improved. It is going to bring a download manager to control downloads, an attachment menu to share documents and re-arrange media albums before sending anything. They are also working on live streaming where a Telegram channel can be turned into a TV station.

They announced this update on their blogpost. In the download manager, you will be able to see what files are downloading; the download icon will appear in the search bar. You can then pause and resume downloads from there.


To make searching easier, the FILES tab will show recently sent files now. Transparent headers that work in night mode is going to be available on Android devices in the latest update as well.

Telegram users can share their phone number as a link via their t.me username and it will instantly open the chat. With this, you can share your telegram account without sharing your number. Telegram is also working on live streams. With this, you will be able to broadcast streaming tools like XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio that will turn the channel into a TV station.


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