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National Vaccination Day 2022: Know all about its history, significance, theme and much more.

Every year on March 16, National Vaccination Day is celebrated in India. On this special day, children from the 12-14 years of age group will finally get their COVID 19 jab. The two vaccines that are available for them are Covaxin and Corbevax.

COVID 19 has taught us how important vaccines are in our lives. Today we will talk about how the National Vaccination Day came into effect and what is its importance.


This day holds importance as it creates awareness as to how effective vaccination is to prevent deadly diseases. This day is celebrated for India’s victory over polio disease.

History of this day


The first dose of the polio vaccine started in 1995 in India. Therefore, the vaccination day is observed since 1995 as the polio programme kick-started in our country to eradicate it from our country.

The last case of polio was identified in Bengal in 2011. After polio vaccinations, other vaccine drives were also implemented against diseases like tetanus, mumps and TB.


Significance of this day

It creates awareness among people that how important it is to get vaccinated against diseases, and in the COVID 19 world this message has become all the more important. The government of India is taking all measures to vaccinate the entire country against COVID 19.


Theme of National Vaccination Day 2022

The theme for the year 2022 is “vaccines work for all”.


Many people in our country still believe that getting vaccinated is not the solution to overcome COVID 19. There are a lot of myths and taboos related to it. However, this day becomes essential as it will create awareness among people that vaccines do work against COVID 19 and it might finally eradicate COVID 19.

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