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Income Tax Filing Made Easy: Follow These 10 Simple Steps to File Your Income Taxes

Most people find filing their income taxes to be a difficult task. This process, for which most individuals engage a Chartered Accountant, may be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Here are ten easy steps to filing your income tax online:


1. Taxpayers can register using their PAN card by logging onto the Income Tax portal at eportal.incometax.gov.in.

2. After registering, go to the e-file page and then to File Income Tax Return.


3. They will be able to select the assessment year and whether they wish to file online or offline as a result of this.

4. After selecting the assessment year, taxpayers can file their returns as an individual, a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), or Others.


5. After deciding on a category, they must pick an ITR form. People and HUFs who do not have income from a business or profession must file ITR forms 1 and 4, whereas individuals and HUFs who do not have revenue from a company or profession must file ITR form 2.

6. ITR 1 covers salary, one house property, and other sources (excluding casual income), but ITR 4 includes all of this as well as presumed business revenue.


7. Those who are required to file income tax returns can determine their tax due in accordance with the terms of IT legislation. Form 26AS is used to summarise TDS payments for each of the four quarters of the fiscal year. The Income Tax Department (ITD) has established categories by which taxpayers can be classified.

8. After that, users must fill in the details of their bank account and authenticate it.


9. This will take the taxpayers to a page where all of the information is filled in and they must double-check the data.

10. Finally, e-verify the results and submit the entry.