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Electric cars will be same price as Petrol/Diesel cars in 2 years: Centre makes big announcement

With electric scooters already paving the way to India, there is no doubt that soon electric cars and transport will be hitting the roads massively in a few years. Now, the central government has made a big announcement that electric vehicles will be at the same price as petrol/diesel vehicles in 2 years. Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced this on Tuesday. With the introduction of cheap EVs, one can preserve fuel and not spend a tremendous amount of money on petrol/diesel.

Urging MPs to adopt hydrogen technologies for transport, Gadkari asked them to take initiative in their respective districts for converting sewage water to produce green hydrogen. “Hydrogen will soon be the cheapest fuel alternative,” he said.


“I can say within a maximum of two years, the cost of electric scooter, car, autorickshaw will be same as petrol-driven scooter, car, autorickshaw. Prices of lithium-ion batteries are coming down. We are developing this chemistry of zinc-ion, aluminium-ion, sodium-ion batteries. If petrol, you are spending Rs 100, then on the electric vehicle you will spend Rs 10 (for using),” added the Minister.


What are the steps taken by the Centre for the adoption of EVs in India?

  • MoRTH has reduced GST on electric vehicles from 12$ to 5%, GST on chargers/charging startings for EVs is also reduced from 18% to 5%.
  • Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) had announced that battery-operated vehicles will be given green license plates and be exempted from permit requirements.
  • MoRTH issued a notification advising states to exempt road tax on EVs, which in turn will help reduce the initial cost of EVs.

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