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Apple is expected to discontinue sales of the popular Watch Series this year

Apple, the Cupertino-based electronics giant, plans to retire its Watch Series 3 later this year after nearly five years of service to its fans. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, provided the information. Apple has yet to disclose anything on the discontinuation of the popular Watch Series.

According to Kuo, the reason for the Apple Watch Series 3’s sales halt is that its processing power may not match the criteria of a new version of watchOS. According to the source, the next generation of watchOS, codenamed watchOS 9, will be shown later this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).


Kuo also warned in one of his most recent tweets that the Apple Watch Series 3 may be discontinued in Q3 2022 due to its outdated hardware. Watch Series 3 was introduced in September 2017, making it nearly five years old. In fact, it is one of the oldest timepieces that the firm now offers.

The Watch Series 3 is powered by the S3 chip, which is underpowered when compared to the current S5 chip found in the Apple Watch SE and the S7 found on the Apple Watch Series 7. In terms of design, the Series 3 looks to be out of date as well. Unlike the most recent Apple Watch models, it has a hefty body with big bezels and jagged display edges.


With the discontinuance of the Watch Series 3, the Watch Series 4 will be the oldest model on the market.