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Instagram brings back THIS old feature for users, Read Here

Remember the time when Instagram was not about the top posts but posts that we could see based on chronology – which means that those who posted first will have the posts at the end of our timeline and the latest posts came at the top. Yes, Instagram is bringing back that algorithm for their users. Instagram on Wednesday announced ‘Favourites and Following’ which are two options that users can choose from. It will allow you to view recent posts from accounts that you follow on the platform in that that they were posted. The service said that users will be able to switch between both options easily.

You can also keep your timeline in default mode where Instagram shows you ranked and suggested posts in a non-chronological order.


Meta said that if you choose the Following feed you will see posts from the accounts you follow in chronological order. In the Favourites feed option, you will see posts from specific accounts like your best friends or favourite creators. You can add up to 50 such accounts in your favourite feed.

According to a report by Gadgets360, this feature was spotted on iOS and Android recently. To switch to the new Following and Favourites feed, Instagram users can tap Instagram at the top left corner of the app on the Home feed, then tap on either Following or Favourites. However, in these feed options, you won’t be able to see stories.


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