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Poha, Biryani, Momos: Here’s what you can order in Zomato’s 10 Minute Delivery scheme, Read Here

After the massive backlash of Zomato’s 10 Minute delivery plan from the audience, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal clarified that the plan will include ‘instant’ food items that are popular, standardized and can be dispatched in 2 minutes.

Becoming one of the first delivery apps to order food in 10 minutes, Zomato announced on Monday that they will be starting with this plan in Gurugram now.


Talking about the new scheme, he added that the kitchen preparation time will be under 2 to 4 minutes because of the 10-minute deadline and only instant food items can be prepared within that time frame.

What can you order under the 10-minute delivery scheme?

  • Poha
  • Bread omelette
  • Chai (tea)
  • Coffee
  • Biryani
  • Momos
  • Maggi

“We are building new food stations to enable the 10-minute service for specific customer locations only,” he said. However, Goyal said that the food delivery platform will not pressurize its delivery partners to ensure delivery in 10 minutes. “Time optimisation does not happen on the road, and does not put any lives at risk,” Goyal said in a statement.

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