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PS5 restock in India: When will it be available, how much will it cost, and where can you get it?

The Playstation 5’s next pre-order date is planned for March 24. Pre-orders will start at 12 p.m. IST. The delivery date has not been formally announced, but according to industry insider Rishi Alwani, deliveries should begin on April 8.

Even though it has been a year since the official debut, it is still difficult for gaming lovers to get Sony’s latest gaming system. According to reports, the key reasons for the low quantity are supply chain restrictions and worldwide chip shortages.


Back in January, the PlayStation 5 was available for pre-order for the first time in India. The game console was sold out in minutes back then. The scenario remained the same for all pre-orders held by Sony in the nation thus far, owing to supply difficulties.

Sony informed a group of experts last year that the PS5 will be in poor supply until 2022, so we can anticipate the PS5 to be scarce at least until the second part of the year.


PS5 cost in India

The PS5 game system is available in two variants: digital edition and Blu-ray edition, priced at Rs 39,990 and Rs 49,990, respectively. On March 24, both variants will be available for purchase via Amazon, Flipkart, ShopatSC, Reliance Digital, PrepaidGamerCard, Vijay Sales, GamesTheShop, and a few more retailers.