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This Android App is stealing Facebook Credentials – Delete it immediately, Read Here

Recently there have been a lot of apps surfacing on the Google Play Store that are malicious and have been stealing sensitive information like login IDS of Facebook. One such app called ‘Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools’ has reportedly been found stealing Facebook credentials. It has over 1 lakh downloads and now it is delisted from Google Play Store.

This app contains a Trojan called FaceStealer that was discovered by Pradeo, a cyber-security firm. It contains an option to upload a photo that is converted into a cartoon. The app then asks users to enter Facebook login credentials.


“Once the victim had Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools (archived link) on their phone, it would request Facebook login credentials. That might not sound unusual to a user, so the unwary could then enter their information only to have it funnelled back to a Russian server, giving the Android app’s operators access to Facebook accounts and any of the vital information so many users have linked to their profiles, like credit or debit card numbers,” the Android Police said in its report.

Users who have installed the app are asked to immediately delete the app and change their Facebook login credentials.


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